Kids Protecting Kids


Kids Protecting Kids is a venture geared towards providing child abuse awareness and education to middle school aged children while also providing help for child abuse victims by informing and empowering the students. To create a tangible lesson for the children, we teach them about the atrocity of child abuse and use pictures drawn by victims during art therapy and have the students respond to the images they see through art (it is age appropriate). These drawings become cards with messages of hope that are given to victims to show them that kids their age are thinking about them. Furthermore, the students will make bracelets that will accompany the cards and act as a reminder that they are not alone. Child abuse can cause kids to trust adults less; this venture will provide students the necessary information and resources they need to get help if they themselves are being abused or know of a friend who is being abused. To make the venture sustainable, we will make photocopies of the response drawings, turn them into blank cards, and sell them at local stores with our contact information on the back to continue to create awareness for child abuse and our venture, and generate additional funds.