Guide your students through the fictional case of Jamie Johnson, a high school student who was suspended after a student protest got out of hand. Students will assume the roles of Petitioner, Respondent, or Justice as they examine the Fourteenth Amendment right to due process and apply the precedent of Goss v. Lopez to answer the question: Does the Constitution protect Jamie’s right to due process before a suspension from school?

Each simulation can be played through in 60-80 minutes. Want to divide the session over two class periods? Supreme Decision lets your class easily pick up where they left off. Download The Teacher Facilitation Guide for insights to make the most of your class time.

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  • Describe due process rights protected by the Fourteenth Amendment
  • Identify the main arguments put forth in the case of Goss v. Lopez
  • Describe the role of Supreme Court justices
  • Identify the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on student due process at school
  • Simulate the development and presentation of a Supreme Court argument

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