In Convene the Council, your students will take on the role of President of the United States and respond to world events with the support of their National Security Council.

In Convene the Council, students will learn to:

  • Address international crises through strategic action
  • Engage with members of the National Security Council 
  • Weigh various policy options 
  • Delegate action to appropriate government agencies and departments
  • Work to improve core metrics of U.S. prosperity, values, security, and world health

For English and Multilingual Learners: Use the support tool, Spanish translation, voiceover and glossary.

Teachers, check out the Extension Pack with activities and teaching tools to reinforce key game concepts.


  • Explain the basics of foreign policy–making in the United States
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of various foreign policy options in a variety of situations
  • Distinguish among foreign policy tools such as aid, sanctions, and military force
  • Evaluate the potential effect of economic, military, and cultural influence on other countries

This game was made in partnership with CFR Education from the Council on Foreign Relations, with support from The Peter G. Peterson Fund – New York Community Trust. 

Learn more about foreign policy and global affairs with CFR Education. CFR Education aims to close the global literacy gap in our country by providing accessible, accurate, and authoritative resources that build the knowledge, skills, and perspective middle school, high school and higher education students need to understand and engage with today’s most pressing global issues. Leveraging best pedagogical practices and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) expertise, CFR Education’s supplemental resources teach complex global affairs and foreign policy issues to the next generation.

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