When Alexander Hamilton introduced the idea of a National Bank, it met with pushback from the likes of Madison and Jefferson. This battle was the nation's first constitutional crisis: Could the Congress take on a power not expressly listed in the Constitution? Was the Bank "necessary and proper" to other express powers?

This DBQuest takes students through the competing takes on the Bank and efforts to persuade President Washington to approve or veto the plan. 

Due to the nature and style of writing from this period, this particular DBQuest module is geared more towards advanced readers and courses, like APGov and APUSH. Guided Mode is also advised for all students.


Students will be able to...

  • Describe how Alexander Hamilton convinced President Washington to support the creation of a national bank.
  • Use evidence from informational texts to support analysis and answer questions
  • Identify each type of source and its purpose
  • Draw on several sources and consider questions that allow for multiple avenues of exploration