Drafting Board

We’ve all heard it in line at the supermarket: “Will that be cash or credit?” Should young adults under the age of 18 be given access to credit cards? Some might argue that kids need to learn about credit, so they will be responsible with it as adults. Others say that kids buying things on credit will have the opposite effect: devaluing money and increasing impulse. In this Drafting Board issue, your students will explore each side’s reasons and evidence. They’ll produce a structured and polished argument in favor or against credit cards for minors. 

All the tools for using Drafting Board successfully are right here!

  • Classroom Materials: Important printable supports for you and your students
  • Teaching Guide & Tips: Advice for working with your class as they use Drafting Board
  • Concepts Activity: Drafting Board's graphic organizers, along with a fun whole-class PowerPoint quiz
  • Product Overview: Start-to-finish overview of Drafting Board (but we suggest trying Drafting Board yourself)

** We strongly suggest that you plan to have students complete Drafting Board in a single sitting.  Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for students to finish.