NewsFeed Defenders is a challenging game designed to sharpen students' news literacy skills. 

In Newsfeed Defenders, students will:

•  Join a fictional social media site focused on news and information 
•  Learn elements of high-quality journalism and markers of deceptive posts
•  Spot dubious posts that sneak in through hidden ads, viral deception, and false reporting

For the best play experience, click "Play Fullscreen" in the upper right area of the screen. 


  • Identify markers of verification, transparency, accountability, and independence in news stories.
  • Define and identify problematic news items, and other news-related types of misinformation.
  • Explain a variety of strategies to verify images and information.
  • Evaluate text for bias based on word choices and framing methods.
  • Use third-party information to judge credibility of a source.

This Game is included in the following units:

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