Helping Sick Kids


Being a changemaker has opened our eyes to see the world around us. There are so many problems in the world and so many opportunities to help fix them.  For us, the hard part was not trying to find a topic, it was to look inward to discover what we are truly passionate about.  

The Helping Sick Kids team is focusing on the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. They are collecting donations for supplies listed on the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore Wish List; raising money to buy supplies; and collecting toys for the sick kids housed there.  Additionally, they will be visiting the kids and do fun activities with them so they can realize that they are not alone and so they can be exposed to hope in their lives.  

If our team wins, we would first use the $1,000 award money on the supplies for the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. We would then use some money to buy the kids the toys.  The leftover money would be donated to the overall cause of the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore.