The Green Machines


Being a changemaker means being powerful. Changemakers know that they can make changes and help people. The environment needs our help and as changemakers, we felt empowered to take action.

The Green Machines team hopes to promote change and awareness of efficient energy use by building three stationary bikes that rely on human power to charge cell phones, laptops, or even power lights. 

Our team researched bicycle generator models (with the assistance of an electrical engineer our teacher introduced to us). We currently have one stationary bike and one bike that we need to build a stand for. Ideally, our team would like three bikes so that we can set up two bikes for students’ use in our lunchroom and one in the library, hoping for several outcomes:   

  • Fun competition through side-by-side pedaling in the lunchroom, promoting healthy exercise while charging cell phones 

  • Outreach and education on simple ways to improve energy-efficiency by showcasing one bike in the library, along with a poster board describing the project for parents and visitors touring the school 

  • Motivating students to believe that a lot of small changes in behavior can tackle a large problem like global warming 

If our team wins, we plan to use the prize money to obtain one more bike and all the materials necessary to complete three total bicycle generators.