Washington State

The lessons in this unit were developed just for Washington State! You'll also find these lessons filed under other curriculum units where they may fit into the overall curriculum.

Comparing Constitutions (WA)

How does Washington’s state constitution compare and contrast with the U.S. Constitution? In this lesson, students will find out! Guide your class through some basic similarities and differences as well as side-by-side text analysis with this lesson’s integrated reading/activity format.

Washington's Water

Water rights are a big deal for many reasons. In this lesson, students learn where water comes from, what water rights are, and how a variety of competing interests factor into managing water resources in Washington State.

Got a 1:1 classroom? Find fillable PDF versions of this lesson’s materials below.

Governing Washington Communities

Local government has lots of layers. In this lesson, students learn that local government is a tool they can use for getting things done and finding out information. Students learn the structure and function of local government in Washington and how they can “harness the power” of local government to address issues of concern. This lesson’s activity is web-based so that students can explore their own local governments.

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Initiative & Referendum (WA)

Washington’s initiative and referendum powers let regular people participate directly in lawmaking! This lesson presents the initiative and referendum powers as tools and shows students how to use them.

Got a 1:1 classroom? Find fillable PDF versions of this lesson’s materials below.