Web Activity: Governing Washington Communities

Your Special Districts

Go to your county’s website, either by doing a search for it or by following the spotlights link on this page.

Look for information about special purpose districts. You might have to hunt around to find it. The larger the county, the harder it might be. Here are places to look on your county’s website:

  • There might be a tab or link to special districts.
  • It might be in a section with maps. It might actually say “special district maps,” but if not, look for “political boundary maps.”
  • Individual districts might just be listed there with links to information about them. The word “district” is a big clue, but don’t confuse it with county commissioner/council member districts.

If you really can’t find anything, go here.

  • Scroll down to the section titled “Washington State Special Purpose Districts Associations and Publications.”
  • Look through the types of districts and follow the links to see if you can find something in your county.
Response Question: 

For each special district you find (up to a maximum of 6), list the following information:

  • The district's name
  • The type of governing body it has and how many members it has
  • The purpose and function of the district
Response not required