Web Activity: Governing Washington Communities

Your County: Commission/Council

Follow the link to access information about all of Washington's counties.

  • Scroll down and click the link for the county where you live.
  • Click the link for commissioners or council members. You'll come to a page that lists information for every county.
  • Find the search box and enter the name of your county.


Response Question: 
  • What type of government does your county have?
  • How many commissioner or council member districts does your county have?

Go back to your county's profile page and click the link that says "website." It should take you to your county government's website. Look for a map that shows the county's commissioner/council member district boundaries. You may have to hunt around a little on the site to find it.

  • Which district do you live in?
  • Who is your commissioner?
  • List the different ways you can contact your commissioner.
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