Web Activity: Bias

Tell It Like It Is?

In this activity, you’ll look at an interview with someone who has strong opinions about the effect of certain kinds of word choices. Click the link and follow the instructions below.

Response Question: 

Read down to the first bold question (the first 8 paragraphs).

  1. Look at the three examples of passive voice in the first paragraph. What’s missing when events are worded this way?

Scroll down a little farther and find the bold question that starts, “In preparation for this interview…” Read that question and answer.

  1. The author suggests that news outlets use the phrase “officer-involved shooting” because law enforcement wants to be perceived as without fault. Think of two other reasons this phrase might be used in news stories.
  2. Explain whether you agree that saying “a police officer shot a civilian” comes across as blaming the police officer.
Response not required