Web Activity: Bias

Covering the Prez

Click the link to see the results of a Harvard study of various news outlets’ coverage of President Trump during first 100 days. It’s really long, but don’t worry—you’ll only be looking at a few parts.

Response Question: 

Scroll WAY down and find the heading “In Unison, Almost.” Look at the bar graph in Figure 6, Tone of Trump’s Coverage by News Outlet.

  1. Did any of these major news providers take a positive tone in a majority of their Trump coverage during his first 100 days? (yes/no)
  2. Fox News is widely recognized as having a conservative perspective and a generally favorable view of President Trump, yet even they had slightly more negative than positive-tone coverage. Can you think of anything that might explain this?

Scroll down farther and find the heading “A Ray of Sunshine.” Look at the bar graph in Figure 8 (Tone of Trump’s Coverage on Fox News).

  1. What does this graph measure?
  2. On which issue did Fox and the other networks have the closest percent of negative-tone coverage?
  3. On which issue was there the biggest difference?
  4. Explain how the Figure 8 graph shows that the data about Fox from the Figure 6 graph could be misleading if Figure 6 was the only graph someone had.
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