Web Activity: Misinformation

Get It Right—Correctly

Follow the link to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) website and look at the IFCN code of principles.

Response Question: 
  1. Read the five principles. Choose three (3) words that you think best describe the fact-checkers’ code of principles. Explain how each word is relevant.
  2. Find an explanation of the process that a fact-checking organization has to go through in order to become a signatory to the code of principles. (There’s a link on this page.) What’s the basic, three-step process?
  3. Explain what the evaluators are looking for in an organization’s application.
  4. Who are the evaluators? What do you think it means that they are “external”?
  5. Look at the list of verified signatories. Do you see any names you recognize? Write them down.
Response not required