*NEW* Constitution Day - Amendment Edition


We’re celebrating Constitution Day with a few fun and easy activities highlighting the Constitution’s amendments and new artwork from one of our fondest games, Do I Have a Right? This lesson includes anticipation and closing activities and your choice of one or more engaging activity options! Teach your students about some of the most critical additions to our Constitution and how those additions guarantee their rights.

*NEW* English Language Learner Resources
Check out our Amendment Guide en español—an excellent reference tool for native Spanish speakers and bilingual classrooms.

*SPOILER ALERT!* We’ll be saying goodbye to the original version of Do I Have a Right? soon and introducing an upgraded version complete with voice-over features, English language learner supports, and for the first-time ever, Spanish translation! Check out this Constitution Day - Amendment Edition lesson plan for a sneak peak of the game’s new graphics!

Learning Objectives

  • Predict what might happen if key rights were missing from the Constitution
  • Identify key rights granted by the Bill of Rights and the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, and 26th Amendments
  • Recall the specific amendment that guarantees a particular right
  • Determine if client complaints are covered by a constitutional right

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