Khoon is a Bangalore based organization tackling the blood shortage in their country.  Three million units – that is the reality of blood shortage in India according to a 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) report. With a population of 1.2 billion, it is a shame that we are falling short of the required 3 million blood units annually. Lack of awareness and incorrect information or myths around blood donation in India are cited as the main reasons behind this shortfall.

Khoon has already impacted 50K+ lives and handled 450 helpline requests successfully.  It is this gap that a Bangalore-based organization called Khoon is trying to bridge. From a population of around 40-50 core young people, if only 1-2 % start donating regularly, this shortage can be eradicated. Everyone is a “Changemaker”. Being an Ashoka Changemaker means you are not just changing your society, you creating change within yourself.




The Khoon team would use the $1,000 seed funding to increase the impact generated by the organization by utilizing the funds to strengthen the present projects and also to start new sustainable projects which helps us to solve the main problem