Food For Thought


Food for Thought is a web-based application that allows parents to both pay for their child’s lunch and “pay it forward” to purchase a meal for a community members in need. Currently, parents most commonly pay for lunch through an online platform, where they load money to their children's multipurpose school IDs or lunch debit cards. Food For Thought, will allow parents to donate a $2-3 dollar meal to another child in their community.

The overall goal is to promote community bonding and alleviate food inequality and shaming through it. We believe that effecting change and making a difference starts at the local level; and, while politicians, priorities, and budgets are subject to change, the love of a community is everlasting. An Ashoka Changemaker is someone who recognized an injustice or problem within their local or global communities, and decided to take concrete steps to eradicate it



The $1000 seed funding will be used to support the design and development of the Food For Thought Platform, including purchasing tools, resources and services that will help Food For Thought be as accessible, usable, and effective as possible. One of these services is the transaction service that Food For Thought needs to use that will facilitate lunch payments and donations, which charges a fraction of the money transacted each time a payment is made. The funding would also cover the cost of using a back-end service that would allow Food For Thought to be as scalable and secure for users as possible.