Community Watch BullDogs



Community Watch BullDogs is a Young Man Initiative Mentoring Program located in the South Bronx, NY, facing violent crimes, homelessness, misuse of land, & poverty. The Community Watch Bulldogs team is creating a block-by-block map of the South Bronx, which will lay out where all violence crimes, homelessness, poverty, & misuse of land is occurring. The group plans to present this block-by-block map to police officers, community leaders and state leaders on monthly bases to better assist them in their everyday decisions that affect our community in the South Bronx. And to better guide these elected leaders to the areas in our community that are in desperate need of public resources.

Being an Ashoka Changemaker means helping to spark movement of young peacemakers because they are the future voice that will make change happen in their community



The $1,000 seed funding will be used to create starting kits for Community Watch for Youth Advisory Groups to learn to create their own Community Watch group to expand our resources, to not only the South Bronx but also the entire Bronx Borough. Our goal is to create Community Watch programs for the entire New York City, touching the lives of all Youth Advisory Groups of the Five Boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, & Staten Island)