Apollo is a startup Co-founded by Yada Pruksachatkkun, with the mission to create the perfect mobile companion for college students with anxiety and depression. The Apollo team is working to create a chatbot and mobile app to help college students through daily episodes via cognitive behavioral therapy and enabling college therapists to interact with their patients more consistently.  


An Ashoka Changemaker is someone who understands and is invested in a specific demographic, sees a problem, and rises up to the challenge of going ahead and fixing it. Pruksachatkkun has always been interested and invested in users of the healthcare space - especially around the stigma of chronic and mental conditions.



The team is in the process of developing their chatbot and app, which entails emotional algorithms. The $1,000 seed funding will be used to outsource some of the technical work. They hope to finish the first iteration of the product as soon as possible so that we can test and iterate at Wellesley College on a campus-wide scale before expanding.