Quad City Closet2Closet


QC Closet2Closet is a nonprofit that provides new and gently worn clothing to preteens and teens who live in foster care or who are homeless. This organization was started by twin sisters who lived long-term in foster care. Through their experience, they learned that foster and homeless children often experience frequent moves and may not be able to take their belongings with them when they move. This disruptive life causes considerable self confidence issues for many affected children. This organization has grown considerably over the past 4 years because teenagers have donated over 20,000 items. QC Closet2Closet has served over 2600 children through free shopping events and a popular clothing care package program.  

We want to use our personal experience to make significant change in our community. We don't want to wait for others to do something-- we want to take charge and take action! We want to have a narrow but intense focus on an issue that matters to us and in doing so, we want to shine a light on a population that many Americans misunderstand or overlook. 

Website:  www.closet2closet.org



With the $1000 seed funding we would purchase display units, clothing racks, and shelving to make our new shop more appealing to our preteen and teenage guests. We want children who use our service to feel special and providing them a dignified shopping experience. Care package requests have been received on a daily basis and care packaging took place in the storage units. Recently, we achieved a long-term goal of raising enough funds to be able to rent a permanent space. Early this fall, we will move to a permanent space where we will be able to welcome our guests on a weekly basis and where we will be able to prepare care packages much more efficiently. We estimate that we will be able to serve upwards of 40% more guests because of this new format.