Firefly is a ~$250 platform that can go into dangerous environments (like collapsed building after earthquakes) and use onboard sensors to explore the scene and find people who are trapped. The cool thing here is that, unlike existing drone platforms, these robots are fully autonomous, so they don't need a human pilot—they use onboard perception and navigation algorithms that mimic fruit flies, birds, bacteria, and some other organisms in nature to explore environments and locate trapped victims. These robots are also significantly cheaper than existing platforms; my goal is to reduce the cost of these robots to a point where they can be used at scale and in developing countries. I'd use the seed funding to offset the cost of a membership at TechShop, a local makerspace with tools, equipment, materials, and workspace for hardware projects. The quick access to equipment and components and a dedicated place for me to work will help me make consistent, rapid progress to finish my latest prototype of Firefly. The seed funding would also help offset the cost of materials for the project—electrical components like motors and sensors and consumables like 3D printer filament. " I think technology is so powerful because it provides the tools to solve impactful problems at scale; it enables the creation of single products that are able to change hundreds, thousands, or even millions of lives for the better."