Drafting Board

Does the Constitution guarantee students the right to wear whatever clothing they want to school? What if that clothing is controversial or disruptive? In this Drafting Board issue, students explore those questions and more through the lens of Ben Brewer. They must decide whether Ben’s controversial band t-shirt can be banned by Principal Carter. Whichever side they choose, students must support their claim with relevant evidence and sound reasoning. The fate of Ben and his shirt hang in the balance!

All the tools for using Drafting Board successfully are right here!

  • Classroom Materials: Important printable supports for you and your students
  • Teaching Guide & Tips: Advice for working with your class as they use Drafting Board
  • Concepts Activity: Drafting Board's graphic organizers, along with a fun whole-class PowerPoint quiz
  • Product Overview: Start-to-finish overview of Drafting Board (but we suggest trying Drafting Board yourself)

We strongly suggest that you plan to have students complete Drafting Board in a single sitting.  Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for students to finish.