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Justice O'Connor Headlines Chicago Ideas Week Educational Reform Panel

OCTOBER 17, 2011

After more than 24 years in the U.S. Supreme Court, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor now strives to make civics and government more interesting for young children than it was for her growing up in El Paso, Texas.

Justice O'Connor Welcomes Civic Educators Back to School

SEPTEMBER 08, 2011

Dear civic educator:

When I was a young student in El Paso, Texas, civics and American history were a big part of my education. I didn’t know it at the time, but those classes were preparing me for a career of public service in all three branches of government.

Sitting in your classrooms right now might very well be a future Supreme Court Justice, Senator, or mayor -- or perhaps a future PTA president, Little League coach, or other civic leader. One thing is certain: all of them are citizens and future voters. And that puts the future of our nation in your hands.

NACM presents first O'Connor Award to SC Chief Justice Toal

JULY 11, 2011

June 11, 2011 - Justice Sandra Day O'Connor presented to South Carolina Chief Justice Jean Toal the first-ever Award for the Advancement of Civics Education given by the National Association for Court Management. "Chief Justice Jean Toal has been a life-long advocate for civil rights and civic education," Justice O'Connor noted. "It is clear to me, as it is clear to Chief Justice Toal, that civic education is fundamental for educating the leaders of tomorrow. Chief Justice Toal recognizes this need and is taking great strides to improve students’ understanding of our courts. She continues to be an innovative Chief Justice, an example of expertise, inspiration, and leading by example."

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Justice O'Connor and iCivics in Newsweek

JULY 04, 2011

...So O'Connor, 81, launched iCivics, a nonprofit organization that aims to enrich students' understanding of American history, laws, and government. While O'Connor confesses she's "not an expert" in technology (she still writes everything out by hand), she has often displayed a unique talent for finding ways to channel public opinion.

How to Reboot Civics Education

JULY 02, 2011

As families gather to celebrate Independence Day, it is time to rethink the notion that civics instruction is less than vital in the global economy of the 21st century. If you want to succeed, the message seems to be: Take advanced science and math classes, but don’t worry about those civics classes. In a time of texts and tweets, and the instant democracy of the Web, civics instruction seems as antiquated to some students as studying the Dewey Decimal system...

Sandra Day O'Connor Gives Modern Civics Lesson

APRIL 14, 2011

For students at Fulmore Middle School in South Austin, it is a 21stcentury take on a 200-year-old document. It is called iCivics, a computer program designed to break educational barriers, created by the woman who broke a few of her own.

Gamification at AMD's Game On! Texas 2011

APRIL 13, 2011

On Tuesday, an eclectic collection of educators, video game designers and marketers, politicians, nonprofit staffers and a former Supreme Court Justice gathered on the AMD campus to talk about the so-called “Gamification” of education and how the power of gaming can be harnessed by schools and businesses.

iCivics Hosts "Educating for Democracy in a Digital Age"

MARCH 23, 2011

Sandra Day O'Connor and Arne Duncan to Keynote Conference

Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!

JANUARY 24, 2011

Now five years into a productive retirement, O’Connor is devoting her life to teaching American youth about the United States government. 

If we can require driver's ed, why not voters' ed?

DECEMBER 27, 2010

Some in public life are taking positive steps to correct this. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is active as ever in her post-jurist days promoting iCivics, an interactive project to engage students with free digital “civic games” rooted in the democratic process.