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Boys and Girls Club launches Game Tech program to make digital games dealing with social issues available to youth club members.


The author of an article about President Obama's technophobia discusses the benefits of technology (as well as the drawbacks), including the use of video games for educational purposes.


An article at Serious Games Market takes an in-depth (and favorable!) look at the gameplay in Guardian of Law.


John Hanke thought the old Our Courts site was "so cool, [he needed] to tell the world about it," and he did - in an article at Westlaw Insider. Wait till he sees iCivics!


Eliane Alhadeff took a recent look at Do I Have a Right, Argument Wars and Supreme Decision in an article at Serious Games Market.



ASU talked with frequent advocate of games-as-educational-tools professor James Gee about the Our Courts games, “situated learning” environments, and the future of games in education.


The latest game from Our Courts lets players argue landmark Supreme Court cases.

Washington DC – February 2, 2010

Our Courts’ third interactive civics game, Argument Wars, is now available at...


An article by Barry Joseph talks about the rise of serious games, using Do I Have a Right? as a prime example.