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The online role-playing games on iCivics are free, teacher-friendly, and effective–and kids like them so much in school that they play them at home, too, O’Connor said.


The No Child Left Behind Act has crowded out civics learning in America's schools. It's more than memorizing the names of all the presidents, as former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor shows...


In an interview on Good Morning America Wednesday, O’Connor extolled the virtues of videogames as a teaching tool for young kids.



Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor recently espoused the benefits of learning through video games, expressing her hope that game could help children advance in disciplines like civics and history.


The Wonkster talks about iCivics games and Gotham's own local government games.


USA Today discusses Justice O'Connor, iCivics, and the Games for Change conference.


Today’s digital world allows younger generations to engage and interact with history like never before, such as through virtual games.


Rosa Parks elementary school students use cell phone technology - text messaging, video, email and GPS - to enhance their learning at the San Diego Museum of Art.


Schools in two states are piloting a game development program that weaves Web 2.0 skills, such as blogging, advanced social networking, and wiki contribution and use, with the full range of 21st-century skills,...


A multimedia graduate thesis project that uses a Volkswagen Bug, a Nintendo Wii, and three Google programs could just help renew interest in preserving what's...