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Our Annual Report

FEBRUARY 19, 2014

2013 was a banner year for iCivics. As we close out our fiscal year, this Annual Report provides an opportunity to reflect on where we have been, where we are today, and the work ahead.  

Introducing our new site

NOVEMBER 19, 2013

When we launched in May 2010, no one imagined that three years later we would be serving 40,000 teachers and six million students. But here we are, and thanks to you, iCivics is now the most widely adopted civics curriculum in the country! 

Goodbye Crisis of Nations

MAY 15, 2013

Hey there educators! You may have noticed that Crisis of Nations is no longer listed on our games page. The team here at iCivics have received many instances of feedback through our help desk reporting usability challenges with Crisis of Nations.

Commercial digital games move into the classroom

MARCH 12, 2013

Last Tuesday SimCity just got a little easier to implement into your classroom.

GoCivics Mobile Congress makes simulations fun and accessible

JANUARY 24, 2013

Role play games -- such as mock trials, debates, and model legislatures -- are well-established ways to introduce students to important civic processes, to encourage critical thinking, and to target Common Core speaking and listening standards. They are specifically identified as a best practice in civic education by the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools. The problem is that they are difficult for teachers to prepare, administer, and grade.  As such, many teachers forego using these powerful learning tools.

iCivics Makes Jury Duty Fun With Launch of We the Jury Game

DECEMBER 11, 2012

With the launch of its 17th online game, We The Jury, iCivics is bringing fun to jury duty.

Serving on a jury is one of the fundamental duties of American citizenship. Yet when most Americans see that summons come in the mail, their first thought is “How can I get out of jury duty?” It’s a staple of sitcoms and comedy routines. When Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer appeared to serve jury duty, national newspapers treated performing this basic duty of citizenship as something remarkable.

iCivics: Effective and Engaging

JUNE 05, 2012

“Because of iCivics, I’ve now got 500 children who are interested in their future in this country, who are interested in learning.” These are the words of an educator in Texas. This past year, iCivics formed the basis of a rigorous study in the Waco ISD school system.

Gaming Goes to College

NOVEMBER 30, 2011

As we here at iCivics know, video gaming is about a lot more than just pressing buttons while sitting in front of the screen.  Games can and are powerful teaching tools.  According to "Colleges' Latest Thrust in Learning: Video Games" in USA Today, games are making their way out of dorm rooms and into classrooms. Professors are introducing games in classes ranging from engineering to forensic investigation to medicine.

New Game: Run For President at Any Age!

NOVEMBER 14, 2011

Now you can run for president … in your classroom or at home! iCivics has just launched our newest game: Win the White HouseLearn the ins and outs of the electoral process as you take on the role of a presidential candidate. This engaging and educational game allows you to manage your very own campaign from primary season to Election Day.

iCivics Congratulates the Winners of Globaloria Game Design Competitions in West Virginia

JULY 06, 2011

Globaloria, the social learning network teaching students to make educational webgames, has been hosting the nation’s first and largest game-design competitions since 2009. Honorary Chairs of the competitions included Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and US Senator Jay Rockefeller. Students on the winning teams won a Game Designer Kit (Laptop and Flash software) to support their computational creativity for years to come.