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iCivics in the Sunshine State

JULY 05, 2012

Florida is implementing a new state-wide assessment in civics. Check out this story from the Tampa Bay Tribune about how iCivics is already helping students and teachers prepare and get excited about civic learning.

iCivics Partner Filament Games Wins Competitive Education Grants

JUNE 28, 2012

Filament Games Wins Competitive Department of Education SBIR Grants

Partnership with iCivics Will Develop Innovative Civic Learning Tools


iCivics: Effective and Engaging

JUNE 05, 2012

“Because of iCivics, I’ve now got 500 children who are interested in their future in this country, who are interested in learning.” These are the words of an educator in Texas. This past year, iCivics formed the basis of a rigorous study in the Waco ISD school system.

iCivics in central Texas (video)

MAY 31, 2012

(April 30, 2012) iCivics and Justice O'Connor were back in Texas once again, this time to see the iCivics curriculum in action in Waco, Texas. Baylor University has worked closely with Waco and Midway Independent School Districts to bring iCivics to students throughout Waco. Justice O'Connor, Baylor's student volunteers, teachers, and most importantly the middle school students had a great time.

iCivics is Partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs of America!

MAY 07, 2012

This past weekend, Justice O'Connor spoke at the Boys & Girls Club of America's national conference and made a very exciting announcement: iCivics is partnering with BGCA! We'll be working together to provide top-quality civics education materials for Clubs around the country as part of their character and citizenship programs.

Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

MARCH 16, 2012

The Education Commission for the States released an interesting report on how civic engagement is changing as the first generation of digital natives comes of age. Those who have grown up without knowing a world before cell phones or the internet have a different view of civic engagement. According to the report, many kids today don't see civic action or engagement as a responsibility, but rather a form of self-expression. Interesting reading and iCivics is listed as a resource!

Sandra Day O'Connor Promotes Civics Education: Los Angeles Times

DECEMBER 28, 2011

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, [Justice O'Connor] talked up iCivics, an expanding online program aimed at middle school students.

The free curriculum includes lesson plans and games that are linked to subjects and skills that various states require students to master. The program also promotes public service projects.


Washington state’s TVW station has featured iCivics!

NOVEMBER 23, 2011

Engaged: Students Becoming Citizens put together a segment that has commentary from Washington Supreme Court Justice Mary Fairhurst and Seattle law professor Margaret Fischer about iCivics and the importance of civic education.  The show also gets up close with a middle school student who walks the audience through the ins and outs of Do I Have Right?.

Scholars Put Civics in Same Category as Literacy, Math

OCTOBER 24, 2011

College-ready, career-ready … and citizenship-ready? Ten papersreleased by the American Enterprise Institute last week make the case that civics education is as critical as literacy and mathematics. They also explore what civics education should look like, how teachers can be prepared to create educated citizens, and future challenges and opportunities in the field.

Justice O'Connor Headlines Chicago Ideas Week Educational Reform Panel

OCTOBER 17, 2011

After more than 24 years in the U.S. Supreme Court, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor now strives to make civics and government more interesting for young children than it was for her growing up in El Paso, Texas.