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Civic Action


Students who staged a school walkout in protest of schedule changes say they will face their punishment, but they argue that the detention given is too severe.


Editorial argues that civics education should be broader than involving students in campaigning for official state food and drink items and should engage more students.


High school students speak out at school board meeting to express opposition to mandatory breathalyzer tests at prom because they feel the tests violate their rights.


Older students teach younger students about how to take civic action to help protect dolphins.


A student detained for immigration violations hopes her case will spur others to action to promote reform in immigration laws.


High school students walk out in protest of teacher layoffs, and again in protest of arrests of two students at first demonstration.  The article discusses the students' use of YouTube and Facebook to organize the...


Student complaints about bullying lead to county anti-bullying legislation.


A Texas 3rd grader had to serve a one-week detention after a teacher found a single Jolly Rancher candy in her possession, and her family plans to appeal the decision to the school board.


Students use Facebook to organize school walkouts in protest of New Jersey Governor Christie's cuts in state funding for schools.