iCivics named to ALSC's Great Websites for Kids

JANUARY 19, 2011

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), has added more recommended websites to Great Web Sites for Kids

Mayor's Education Task Force Lists Reforms

JANUARY 13, 2011

Fulfilling a campaign promise to make education a city government priority, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland joined members of her hand-chosen task force this week to unveil an initial round of recommendations aimed at improving the city’s public education system.

Gaming for Good

DECEMBER 27, 2010

If you’re like many Americans, you spent part of your Christmas holiday playing with your Wii, Xbox360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo—or know someone who did. 

Whitehorse Students Learn about Elections

NOVEMBER 01, 2010

No matter how the elections go Tuesday, eighth-graders at Whitehorse Middle School learned something about the process that they are not likely to forget.

RI Attorneys Volunteer for Schools, Kids

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010

Our Chief Justice Paul Suttell, along with other Chief Justices throughout the nation, has recently committed to promote Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s innovative iCivics program.  This free, online civics education resource includes games, lesson plans and interactive activities.

Gaming Tree

JULY 11, 2010

The games about the U.S. government have generated a significant following. Fifty-seven percent of students who played Do I Have a Right?—one of the first free Web games iCivics released last year in the classroom went on to play it, unprompted, at home. In addition, 550,000 unique players have played the three judicial branch games featured on Ourcourts.org more than 700,000 times, per iCivics.

Students who walked out of Providence's Hope High to be punished

MAY 19, 2010

Students who staged a school walkout in protest of schedule changes say they will face their punishment, but they argue that the detention given is too severe.

Civics education can take many forms

MAY 17, 2010

Editorial argues that civics education should be broader than involving students in campaigning for official state food and drink items and should engage more students.

Proms and alcohol: Area schools tackle issue in their own ways

MAY 15, 2010

High school students speak out at school board meeting to express opposition to mandatory breathalyzer tests at prom because they feel the tests violate their rights.

Collinwood Student Walkout

MAY 14, 2010

High school students walk out in protest of teacher layoffs, and again in protest of arrests of two students at first demonstration.  The article discusses the students' use of YouTube and Facebook to organize the protest and expresses concern that adult groups improperly steered the students.