Weekly Planners for Middle and High School Students

September 29, 2020

To support your use of iCivics in remote or hybrid classrooms, we've designed 9 weekly planners that are now available in our Remote Learning Toolkit. The planners are built in the Google Suite, making accessing them and assigning them to your students simple. Each planner supports independent learning for 3-5 days and includes structured, student-paced activities to engage them through gameplay.
Explore the Weekly Planners     
Before you dive in, here is a sneak peek of what is included in each planner:

  • An at-a-glance view of the 3-5 days of activities that will take students about 30-45 minutes each day to complete
  • The skills your students will learn each week
  • The iCivics game that students will play and engage with (We incorporated our highly popular Game Odyssey activities into each week's planner!)
  • Instructions for sharing the student-facing materials via Google Classroom

Whether you’re teaching in person or remotely (or both!), we want you to know that iCivics is dedicated to improving how our curriculum is accessed and shared with your students. We have made some big changes already like removing all of the answer keys from our website and creating fillable PDF options for timely lesson plans...and we’re not done yet.
We hope these weekly planners give you back some of the time that you've been spending planning.