Try Our New Assessments Tool with Cast Your Vote & Win the White House

October 13, 2020

With the election approaching fast, now is a great time to engage your students with Win the White House and Cast Your Vote. When you assign either game this month you can test drive our new game assessment tool. All you have to do is assign the game and click one extra button!
Try Out the Assessments

  • Assign Win the White House and/or Cast Your Vote to your students with the assessment turned ON. You will see a new check box in the assignment pop-up. Just click to add the pre- and post-quizzes to the game.
  • Once you’ve assigned a game with assessment, your students will be guided to take a short pre-game quiz. When they’ve finished playing the game, they will see a post-game quiz. The assessments only take about five minutes and will provide you with helpful insights into what your students are learning from game play.
  •  Let us know what you think about the assessment by taking a short (we promise!) survey

What’s Assessed?

  • Each assessment includes four questions that reflect the big learning objectives found in each game. There are also two dispositional questions to get at how students feel about civic issues found in the game. You’ll be able to see the pre- and post-game results for individual students and the whole class to see where they shone and where they struggled. 

Your feedback will play a critical role in how we move forward to offer the game assessment tool for all of our games. Please give it a try and tell us what you think!