Power to the (Young) People! New Election Activities for Students

September 09, 2020

Whether or not they’re old enough to vote, young people have a lot of influence over elections in our country. Help kids understand the voter registration process in their state, how to read and analyze a ballot, where they stand on important issues, how to research candidates, and ways they can become involved with our newest non-partisan election activities for students that can be used at home — the Students Power Elections Guide and Win the White House Family Guide.

New Resources for Engaging Students and Families in Elections

Students Power Elections Guide

Created with the help of a Student Advisory Board, this collection of resources is designed for students by students to help their peers learn about voting and elections independently. Once students have built knowledge with the guide, they can explore ways to engage with the elections — whether that’s through volunteering for a campaign, making their voice heard to candidates, or even just talking with family members and friends about the issues they care about most.

Win the White House Family Guide

Looking for non-partisan ways to engage your kids in the presidential election? We suggest playing our popular game, Win the White House, as a family using this new guide. Through gameplay, you will learn together about current political issues, the role of polling and fundraising in campaigns, and so much more. The Family Guide provides quick activities — whether you have 30 minutes or all afternoon to play (and learn) together. A Spanish language option is included!