New Lessons on the U.S. Judicial Branch

November 18, 2019

Your students probably think they know all about the judicial branch from TV and movies. Help them understand how the court system really works, from the local level all the way to the Supreme Court. The newly added resources in our high school Judicial Branch unit (be sure to click the "High School" tab) not only share the facts but bring the process to life with a mock trial and a Supreme Court judicial conference simulation.     
Here is a sneak preview:
You Be the Judge Simulation
What does a Supreme Court justice really do? Your students will find out when they take on the role of SCOTUS judges in this judicial conference simulation. This interactive lesson includes a Kahoot! to help students become familiar with the vocabulary.
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Double Take: The Dual Court System
In this lesson, students learn how our country came to have a dual court system and explore how the state and federal levels of that system work. Reinforce key concepts using our Kahoot!
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Let's Talk About Independence
From how judges are selected to their job security, the Constitution put in place protections to ensure the judicial branch could rule impartially. In this WebQuest, students explore what it means to have an independent judiciary.
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Trial and Appeal Infographic
Most cases start and end in trial court, but what if there's an error? Show students how a case works it's way up in this printable infographic for your classroom!

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