New Game: Run For President at Any Age!

November 14, 2011

Now you can run for president … in your classroom or at home! iCivics has just launched our newest game: Win the White HouseLearn the ins and outs of the electoral process as you take on the role of a presidential candidate. This engaging and educational game allows you to manage your very own campaign from primary season to Election Day. Now you can make the key decisions about your party, platform, vice president, and where to fundraise, poll, and spend valuable campaign dollars. 

As you campaign for 270 electoral votes, you must adjust your strategy regularly based on citizen feedback. Will you focus on your primary platform or attack your opponent’s stances of as you work to win over battleground states? Either way, you will have a blast while gaining insight into the value of voting and why different candidates choose different strategies for engaging the public.

Win the White House, which was made possible by generous support from The Hearst Foundation, lets you hit the campaign trail as the 2012 presidential election cycle heats up.