Just released! A new version of Cast Your Vote

October 21, 2019

It’s finally here! The new, fully reimagined Cast Your Vote game is live and ready for you and your students to play.
Just in time for local elections this November and the 2020 presidential election, students will learn how to evaluate ballot initiatives as well as candidates’ platforms, promises and qualifications based on their speeches, messaging and voting records. Once students are fully informed, they’ll make their decision and cast their vote in a local election. 
Voting is a rite of passage, and one in which more and more youth are excited to participate. In fact, 23% of eligible teenagers voted in the 2018 midterms

“The increased interest in youth voting that we’ve recently seen is an incredible development,  but it’s not enough to just get young people to the voting booth. We need to make sure that they know what to do before they get there,” iCivics Executive Director Louise Dubé said. “Cast Your Vote teaches students how to evaluate what they hear politicians say, and to determine if they think they will keep their word in office.”

Watch the game trailer:

Play the new version of the game today:

  • Meet a whole new cast of characters
  • Help students watch candidates engage with issues relevant to them in Town Hall debates
  • Teach students the importance of local elections
  • Expand access with Spanish translation of text and English voiceover
  • Download the Cast Your Vote Extension Pack—now complete with English language learner (ELL) supports—that will help you give context and purpose to the game and reinforce the game's concepts.