iCivics to retire student comment boards

February 12, 2013

The team here at iCivics thoroughly enjoys receiving feedback from the educators and students who use our resources. We appreciate those who take the time to offer suggestions on how to improve the activities we offer. And nothing brightens our day more than hearing first-hand accounts that our games, lesson plans, and other activities are being well received in the classroom!

Student comment boards are just one of the many of ways we hear from our users. However the volume of relevant comments has declined. Students are being exposed to comments used for trolling or marketing. We take this trend seriously - we work hard to maintain icivics.org as a trusted platform for students to converge and learn about responsible and active citizenship.

As a result, we’ve decided to retire comment student boards from our game and web quests pages.Teacher comment boards will remain active on lesson plan pages.

In the spirit of democracy, we welcome students and other users to continue to share their opinions with us. On iCivics.org there are plenty of ways to do so. We offer a contact form where you can submit an issue or a question concerning our site. In addition, each game page will continue to host a feedback link.

And of course, you can join the conversation on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We hope to hear from you soon!