iCivics Announces Checkology

November 27, 2018

iCivics is excited to announce a partnership with the News Literacy Project to help bring the Checkology® virtual classroom to iCivics teachers and their students.

The engaging lessons found in the virtual classroom will support teachers in equipping their students with the tools to evaluate and interpret the news and learn how to determine what news and other information to trust, share and act on. They complement iCivics’ robust library of news literacy resources, including lesson plans, mini-lessons, and NewsFeed Defenders, iCivics’ newest game title. 

The iCivics curriculum team carefully reviewed the Checkology® virtual classroom, and found the platform and curriculum to be high-quality: accurate, comprehensive, engaging, and aligned with our mission. 

“We were quite impressed with the caliber of content and learning experiences found in the virtual classroom,” said Dr. Emma Humphries, Chief Education Officer for iCivics. “My entire team agreed that this is something we should bring to our teachers, and for this reason, we enthusiastically added it to our library of instructional resources.”

Learn more about this collaboration and the Checkology® virtual classroom here. Read more about the News Literacy Project here.