Get the Party Started with iCivics & Games 4 Change!

November 21, 2019

iCivics is thrilled to take part in this year's 5th Annual Games 4 Change Student Challenge that will be open to students in New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit! 

iCivics' game design challenge theme is Get The Party Started, asking students to design games that examine party politics and imagine the impact of a third party on the 2020 presidential election.

Below is the full game design prompt:

Envision a new political party and design a game that reveals how your party will successfully enter the 2020 presidential race and change the trajectory of the election.

 What would the new party be called? What would your mascot be (Donkeys, Elephants, and more)? What color would represent your party? What is your campaign slogan?  How would you make voters aware of the new party? What strategies would you use to win public support? What would your party do better than the others regarding the environment, schools/standardized testing and raising or lowering the income tax or another issue?

Find key facts and teacher resources on the our theme page to help students dig into the prompt.

As in past years, the program will culminate in a game design competition; students submit original impact games for the opportunity to win awesome prizes including technology, learning experiences, and a $1,000 Grand Prize Scholarship, generously provided by Take-Two Interactive.

Important Competition Dates:

Jan 31, 2020  - Submission portal opens
Mar 31, 2020 - Deadline to submit games
April/May 2020 - Judges evaluate games
May/June 2020  - Award Ceremonies in each city (NYC, LA, Detroit)

Be sure to review the 2019-2020 submission and eligibility guidelines before bringing the competition to your students!