Southern Exposure

November 03, 2011

The weather here at iCivics HQ has started to turn chilly, but we've had the opportunity to get a peek of how people are taking to our games in slightly warmer climes.  We just returned from a great trip to Texas where we met the wonderful students and teachers of Jefferson Middle School.  Justice O'Connor and Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson were in attendance to chat with students and see them show off their iCivics prowess and civic knowledge.  (And if you are in Fort Worth, be sure to stop by the National Cowgirl Museum, which has devoted an exhibit to Justice O'Connor, including stations where visitors can play iCivics games!)

Check out some of the great things classrooms around the country are doing with iCivics!

Civic Education is All Fun and Games and Jefferson Middle School, Northside Independent School District

Online Games Transform Civic Education, San Antonio Express

Sandra Day O'Connor Talks of Life as a Cowgirl and on the Court, Fort Worth Star Telegram

iCivics is also in fantastic classrooms in South Carolina, and we even have the video footage to prove it!

We're so proud to see our lessons and games being used in South Carolina and Texas (and all over the country), but as much as we love spirited debate, we are staying far away from the question of Texas or Carolina style bbq.