iCivics Will Offer "Argumentation Modules" to Advance Literacy and Critical Thinking

June 14, 2011

Critical thinking is at the heart of a full civics education. Good citizens need not just knowledge of how our government works, but also be able to participate constructively in that government.

Thanks to a $500,000 grant from the Next Generation Learning Challenge, iCivics will now be able to offer what we call "Argumentation Modules" to advance content-based literacy and critical thinking. These modules will give students the tools they need to argue effectively about issues that matter to them. While doing so, they will explore civics content more deeply, gain skills required by the Common Core Standards, engage in deeper learning, and ultimately prepare for college, career, and citizenship.

We're grateful to EduCause as well as to our long-time partners Prof. James Paul Gee, a New Literacy Studies scholar at Arizona State University; Dr. Peter Levine, Research Director at Tufts University; and Filament Games, educational game developer.

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