iCivics Welcomes the Teachers Council

July 15, 2014

iCivics welcomes our Teachers Council members to Washington, DC today. The purpose of this mini conference? Train our new council on a new mission centered around service. “Our goal is to have an action plan for serving teachers this fall”, says Erin Braun, Outreach Director. With the overall shift from recruitment to service, the Teachers Council of twenty has a big job of effectively supporting the iCivics user base of 40,000 active teachers. This week they will experience an “iCivics Bootcamp”; meeting with iCivics staff members, Justice O’Connor and her former law clerks to learn about our mission, the history, inner workings of the organization and the services we provided to our users. “We need a family to serve our large user base” says Braun, “if they are effective in their role, even casual users will hear something about this Teachers Council”.


To learn more about our Teachers Council, the members and their respective backgrounds check them out here: https://www.icivics.org/our-network


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