iCivics Covered by the Associated Press and the Washington Post

November 24, 2017

We are delighted to announce that the wildly popular iCivics game Do I Have A Right? was featured by the Associated Press and the Washington Post this morning. The game allows players to run their own constitutional law firm and help potential clients fight for their rights. 

“There’s a real need there to make that kind of learning . . . accessible to all learners,” said Louise Dube, executive director of iCivics (Washington Post). Launched in late October, the new game Do I Have A Right?¿Tengo algun derecho? includes: 

  • Full Edition or Bill of Rights Edition
  • English language or Spanish language
  • Option to hear or mute English voiceover, music, and/or sound effects

Perfect for English language learners or struggling readers, the above upgrades improve upon a fan favorite in ways that make fun, innovative civic learning accessible to even more students. iCivics Governing Board member, Justice Sonia Sotomayor has predicted iCivics "will change America" and may be O'Connor's "longest-lasting legacy."(Associated Press).

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Play the Do I Have A Right? or ¿Tengo algun derecho? here.

Join the fun on social media! Share your enthusiasm for the new game, your game score, or student reactions using the hashtag #DoIHaveARight