Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor Joins iCivics Governing Board

December 01, 2015

Louise Dube and Justice O'Connor

We are excited to announce that Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Sonia Sotomayor, has joined the governing board of iCivics. As amember of the 10-person iCivics governing board, Justice Sotomayor will help guide iCivics educational content and act as an ambassador for the advancement of civic education.  iCivics Executive Director Louise Dubé states, “Justice Sotomayor’s life story embodies the impact that civic education can have -- and is a perfect example of how civic interest can come from nontraditional sources.”  

iCivics was founded in 2009 by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to reinvigorate civic education among K-12 students through the use of digital games and curricula. She states, “Nothing pleases me more than welcoming aboard my esteemed colleague”.

Read more about Justice Sotomayor's appointment to the iCivics governing board in the press release.