November Resources: One Year Until the 2020 Election

November 06, 2019

We are officially one year out from the 2020 presidential election. Will your students be voting?

We just launched the NEW Cast Your Vote that teaches young voters, and soon-to-be voters, the ins and outs of the voting process, as well as the importance of doing your homework before heading to the polls. Use this month to start engaging students in learning about voting, the electoral process, the Electoral College, the role of political parties, and how the impeachment process works.


Election Day — Nov. 5
There’s a whole new version of our Cast Your Vote game that provides students practice researching candidates and issues ahead of Election Day. Download the Cast Your Vote Extension Pack and use the materials to help you reinforce the game's key concepts.
Impeachment and Conviction Infographic
Do your students have questions about how the impeachment process works? Our new infographic and accompanying teacher’s Slide Deck will equip you to teach about this current event in your classroom.
Politics & Public Policy Unit
Dive into this curated unit to amp up election excitement in your classroom. Students will learn concepts and processes through simulations, presentations, vocabulary-building activities, and a mock election!


It's a big year for civics and civics educators like you. Be sure to count on iCivics for your lesson planning to 2020. Each month throughout the school year we will send you a list of resources aligned to key civics topics and events. Each month's resources will be available and archived at www.icivics.org/election.