Lesson Plans for Media Literacy Week, October 26-30

OCTOBER 20, 2020

Media literacy is one of the most important skills we can teach our students. From analyzing the purpose of media to evaluating the source, it takes practice to become a smart media consumer. Media Literacy Week, hosted by our partners at NAMLE, is coming up next week from October 26-30.

This provides a great opportunity to have students play our game, Newsfeed Defenders. In this highly-relevant game, students will learn to spot a variety of methods used to spread misinformation and promote viral deception on social media.

Expand learning beyond gameplay

Uncovering the Pros and Cons of Social Media: The Newsfeed Defenders Extension Pack provides a variety of activities to help students think through the benefits and challenges of social media and discuss what makes journalism credible.

Through this extension pack, students will learn to:

  • Identify markers of verification, transparency, accountability, and independence in news stories.
  • Define and identify problematic news items, and other news-related types of misinformation.
  • Explain a variety of strategies to verify images and information
  • Evaluate text for bias based on word choices and framing methods.
  • Use third party information to judge credibility of a source.
  • Evaluate the benefits and challenges of digital news and social media to a democratic society.

Put What They’re Learning into Practice: Provide high school students with real-world, hands-on practice evaluating news, opinion, and misinformation with the four lessons and four mini-lessons in our News Literacy unit.

  • Each lesson includes a paper activity as well as a web activity (similar to our WebQuests) and an independent internet investigation so your students can get real-world, hands-on practice evaluating news, opinion, and misinformation.
  • The mini-lessons in the unit zero in on narrower topics of special concern.

Planning lessons for the week? Share ideas and find inspiration on Twitter with hashtag #MediaLitWk.