Free Educational Games for Kids

April 20, 2020

Parents, this is an unprecedented time. The transition to simultaneously balance work, your kids, and your household is a challenge. If you are looking for easy ways to keep your children engaged with meaningful material, iCivics can help. 

iCivics, the largest provider of civic education curriculum and resources, now has an easy way to access iCivics at home: the Remote Learning Toolkit for Families

iCivics has been trusted by teachers for over a decade so it is a natural extension to utilize these resources at home. Our materials are used by 120,5000 teachers and 7.6 million students each year. You can be confident that your children are learning AND having fun while playing any of our 20 online civic games.

Remote Learning Toolkit for Families
iCivics’ Remote Learning Toolkit provides free resources to help families keep the learning going at home. Now, more than ever, it is critical to help our children build important civic knowledge and skills so they understand how individuals and communities can work together to solve local, national, and global problems.

The toolkit is super simple. Children can play iCivics games without parental supervision, allowing parents a 30-45 minute window of uninterrupted time. No prior knowledge is required to play. 

Our Remote Learning Toolkit offers free resources for families, including:

  • iCivics games organized by grade level — iCivics has over 20 games covering important topics such as U.S. government, elections and voting, civil rights history, and separation of powers
  • Ideas for young learners (7-10 years old), including a coloring book
  • A family BINGO game so your entire family can engage in the civics fun
  • A self-directed online game challenge for kids
  • Weekly planners with structured activities for middle and high school students
  • Tips for using iCivics at home

Getting Started with the Remote Learning Toolkit for Families
After registering, you will receive email updates with the latest activities and a new planner each week. These resources are just a small way that we hope we can help make life, and at-home learning, a little easier for you. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at support@icivics.org. We are here and ready to assist in whatever way we can.