Find Support, Collaboration, and Inspiration with the iCivics Educator Network

December 13, 2021

What a crazy time it is to be a teacher! The COVID-19 pandemic has created such uncertainty and much of what I thought I knew about teaching and learning has been upended. While trying to figure out how to handle this new environment, I’ve come to realize that my need for support, collaboration, and inspiration is greater than ever. I’ve found all that and more in the iCivics Educator Network.

I’ve been teaching ESOL and bilingual social studies in middle and high schools for more than two decades, but the past three school years have been unlike any in my experience. My students are among the most vulnerable to the economic, physical, and educational effects of this pandemic. As I approached the beginning of last school year, I felt such trepidation about going back into the classroom in-person. I worried about how safety protocols and hybrid scheduling would affect my ability to engage with my students and to share my love of all things government.

Fortunately, as a member of the iCivics Educator Network, I was able to connect with peers around the country and learn how they planned to deal with the same concerns. There was such camaraderie as we bounced ideas around and shared resources. During my five years in the Educator Network, I’ve always appreciated the passion and expertise of my fellow members, but now I more fully realize the exceptional nature of this group. Going back into the classroom was still scary, but thanks to this wonderful network, I felt more empowered to continue the work I love under trying circumstances.

Members of the iCivics Educator Network enjoy many more benefits than the wonderful collegiality. We have opportunities to beta test new iCivics resources, learn about the latest features and updates, and access amazing educational opportunities for ourselves and our students. I hope you’ll join us and share your own passions and expertise. We’d love to have you!

Written by Ada Bélanger

Ada teaches ESOL and US history/government in Bedford, New York. She has been a member of the iCivics Educator Network since 2016. She accidentally stumbled across iCivics during an Internet search several years ago, and today iCivics features prominently in her classroom.