5 Hacks For Your iCivics Classroom

February 11, 2015

iCivics provides games, lesson plans and learning resources that fulfill the broad range of civics, social studies and common core requirements.  Looking to make your iCivics Classroom more efficient this semester? Check out these iCivics Hacks by  iCivics Teacher Council Member Kim Craig!


  1. Student Accounts: Create a class and accounts for your students (it’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes!) and you don’t have to worry about whether they have email addresses.  Make labels for their folders or print the list and cut the strips to hand out to each student with their information.  Print an extra list to include in your substitute folder.
  2. Discussion Board: Use the discussion board feature in ‘Classes’ as a quick informal assessment tool.  Throw out a question about the assignment or ask what they learned!
  3. Drafting Board: Choose a different Drafting Board topic each grading period to be used as culminating project.
  4. Impact Projects:  Use Impact Projects to make gaming more interesting. Host an Impact Point challenge in each class where the person who earns the most gets a prize or classroom privilege.
  5. 1-to-Many: Play games as a class using the teacher computer and overhead projector if no computer labs are available.  Rotate through the class asking what action they want you to take next or answering the question.  This is a great “Friday” activity or the day before a test as review.




Kim Craig

Kim Craig is a Government and Economics teacher and Student Government sponsor at Plano East Senior High in Plano, Texas.  She is passionate about instilling a love of and curiosity for learning about civics to her students and peers, as well as creating a safe and engaging learning environment in her classroom.  Follow her on Twitter at @kimcraig0309!