March, 2016
Student Issues
WellSpring (California) - A Framework for Improving Mental Health at College Campuses
Due to the prevalence of mental illness, we felt compelled to come up with a local solution for improving mental health services on college campus that could scale nationally. We will make WellSpring an online tool to allow for large-scale access to mental health services, resources, and trained professionals, thereby increasing the reach of mental health services.
January, 2016
Student Issues
Beat Out Bullying (BOB)
Seeing the problems of bullying in their schools, a group of middle school students decided to help put an end to this problem by creating the United Way Venture Team, Beat Out Bullying. By creating student-to-student presentations and workshops, with state and national anti-bullying leadership groups, they have been able to bring about a culture change in their community to help put an end to bullying.s
October, 2015
Solar for Our Superheroes
Solar for Our Superheroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing local leaders, like our veterans, teachers, firefighters, and police officers, with solar panels for their homes. By providing them with solar, we are able to thank our heroes for their service by saving them money every month while also making good examples of renewable energy and energy independence in our MA neighborhoods.
July, 2015
Medic Mobile
Medic Mobile is a youth-led, non-profit organization that advances healthcare in the developing world. The team uses open source software called FrontlineSMS and technological modules to allow medical workers to use mobile phones to collect health data efficiently and effectively. This also assists with patient follow-up, vaccine protocols, and appointment reminders.
April, 2015
Human Rights
Fly Sister Fly
Vane Aminga set up Fly Sister Fly, an initiative aimed at encouraging Samburu girls to invest in their education. Fly Sister Fly currently has enrolled 34 girls in its program. Girls receive direct mentoring, sanitary pads and text books. They also talk to them about growing up and discuss topics such as puberty, menstruation and peer pressure, as well as positive decision-making.