November, 2011
Student Issues
Scholars for Success
At Scholars for Success, students receive mentorship, individualized tutoring, motivation, career planning and the proper college preparation required to compete in the high school and college process. After only one year, 20 out of 26 students in the program improved their grades with the average GPA increasing by 25 points. Mohammed and Syed hope to expand across the New York City high school system.
July, 2011
Drug and Violence Prevention
Teens Against Domestic Abuse
Having dealt with an abusive relationship, Jennifer wanted to reach out to provide a support system and an escape route for teens in need. She started Teens Against Domestic Abuse with her friend, Joella, to prevent and create awareness of abuse in her community. With their focus on local self-defense seminars and pamphlet distribution, Jennifer and Joella hope to show other youth and teens that they have the power to escape, prevent and to speak out.