April, 2015
Human Rights
Fly Sister Fly
Vane Aminga set up Fly Sister Fly, an initiative aimed at encouraging Samburu girls to invest in their education. Fly Sister Fly currently has enrolled 34 girls in its program. Girls receive direct mentoring, sanitary pads and text books. They also talk to them about growing up and discuss topics such as puberty, menstruation and peer pressure, as well as positive decision-making.
May, 2013
Kids Change the World
KCW is one of the world's largest youth-led nonprofit organizations dedicated to leveraging the power of young people to change the lives of children around the world. Since 2007, KCW has provided dozens of free cleft lip surgeries to children and training to local physicians in 34 of the world's poorest countries to change the lives of children, their families, and their greater communities. KCW also provides free online resources and grants to youth who are motivated to improve the lives of young people around the world.
January, 2013
he Outdoor Classroom will help close the nutrient gap by donating a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish to Pepperrell Aid Community to Home (PACH), a local homeless shelter in our community. Students participating in the Outdoor Classroom at PACH will also learn 80% of the College Board’s AP Biology curriculum through engaging, hands-on activities. The Outdoor Classroom consists of an aquaponic system, two potato bins, and a vermicompost bin.
July, 2012
Human Rights
Kids Protecting Kids
Kids Protecting Kids is a venture geared towards providing child abuse awareness and education to middle school aged children while also providing help for child abuse victims by informing and empowering the students. To create a tangible lesson for the children, we teach them about the atrocity of child abuse and use pictures drawn by victims during art therapy and have the students respond to the images they see through art (it is age appropriate). These drawings become cards with messages of hope.
March, 2012
Student Issues
MASTERS is an after-school program where 4th and 5th grade students from a D.C. public school complete math projects with high school volunteers. Instead of students focusing on redundant math drills, MASTERS enables students to complete a unit of applied math every month, ranging from cooking to statistics. Our goal is to motivate young students to enjoy and succeed in math by demonstrating that the subject is useful and fun.